Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas And All That.

It certainly was a strange Christmas, quiet. I spent it split between my two brothers homes. One for lunch then the other for coffee, dessert and swim. The sun finally shown in Sydney. If you haven't heard already from all the whinging, Sydney has had a shitty wet and cool Summer, so far. It's raining as I type. But we were fortunate to get a swim in yesterday which was great. Boo had a wonderful day, he was really into Christmas this year, he was wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. It is just too cute to hear him say that. He loved opening his presents. It was so delightful to watch him.

I missed my Mum a lot and Max too. For Christmas Eve, I went to the Mary McKillop Chapel. My Mum used to go there once a month when they had a special service. I never went with her. I wish I had. I cried through the Christmas service whilst every one was singing Holy Night, regretting that I had never sat on the pew with her. I know she was there with me.

I made Christmas cards this year, like I do every year only this year I didn't send them. I didn't want to, I didn't have the same Christmas spirit. So I didn't.

I hope all that celebrated had a lovely day with family and friends. I tried. I mostly succeeded.


Delenn said...

I love seeing your pictures. I am glad Boo had a good Christmas. And that you were able to make it through.

Happy Holidays!

lparsons15 said...

Merry Christmas! Great pics!

Penny said...

Christmas can be the hardest of times for some. We have a family situation which has led to an underlying current of despair for me as I smile my way through extended family meals, frivolity and the kids excitement. Glad you made it through and Boo had a lovely time.

stinkb0mb said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS gorgeous lady!! i'm glad that you had an ok Christmas, i know it must have been hard for you.

Boo is just getting more gorgeous by the day, he looks so grown up in that Christmas card pic!


Bea said...

I love your card.

It's great that Boo is getting old enough to get into Christmas. How very special.

Sounds like you made a good decision to visit the chapel. A difficult experience, but an important one.