Monday, January 14, 2013


Two weeks into it already .....Happy New Year!

It's going to be a good one, this year. I am planning a few changes for Boo and I and many, many travels and adventures.

The biggest change we will be making is leaving this house we are living in to move in with my almost 90 year old Father. Back into the home I grew up in. Only my Mum will no longer be there. I have been sitting on this idea for months and months and months now. The pros and cons going over and over in my head and I am still not 100% sure it's the right thing to do but I have decided to bite the bullet and give it a go. I have so much to write about this but I might just wait as it all happens.
So in the next month I will be packing and moving, not my idea of fun. Actually I am dreading it.

I do have something to look forward to once we have moved and hopefully settled in to our old home and that is another trip to Thailand with Boo. Yes I love Thailand! Some Most days I forget that I have a whole heap of stuff to do before our travel date arrives and just dream and research about our trip, instead of researching removelists etc. Can you blame me? We leave early March for 2 weeks. I will also tell you a lot more about this trip in another post.

Boo has been out of FDC for a few weeks and isn't back until next week I have loved spending so much time with him but gosh I am looking forward to him going back into daycare, I really need a break. We have been enjoying the Summer as much as we can. With lots of adventures and time spent at the beach. Boo is loving the water, it just makes my heart sing watching him so happy and confident in the water it is what I dreamed of.

I have taught Boo how to snorkel. I wanted to try and teach him before our trip, I am hoping we do a lot of snorkeling on the gorgeous beaches there. I succeeded! We started out in the backyard blow up pool then ventured to the beach a few times and now he can breath through his snorkel under water. He is almost 3.5, I am so proud of him.

My snorkeling Boo!

Some Summer Fun!

So if it goes quiet in here again, you will know it's because I'm buried in packing boxes.
Wish me luck!


edenland said...


I remember the first time I ever read your blog .... the profile pic was of you snorkelling! And I thought, how bloody cool.

For no reason at all, I think the move back in with your dad will be ok. Maybe even good. I'm glad that you have a Thailand trip to look forward to with beautiful Boo. THREE AND A HALF! Wow ... what a beautiful little guyo.

So much love to you, gorgeous lady. Please let me know if you ever come up here.


Linda said...

That is awesome your little man can snorkel. By the way, do you know you titled your post 2113? You are a hundred years ahead of yourself!!

maytey said...

Wow that's exciting news Vee! I can understand your trepidation about the move, but I also see in your pictures just how much Boo and Nonno mean to each other, and I think it will be wonderful for them. All the best with the moving, yes it's such a drag but you will get there! Hope you're planning a trip to NZ too ;) xxx

Vee said...

Thanks Eden! I hope so it will be ok. I will certainly let you know.

Thanks Linda! I have changed it lol

Maytey, yes a possible trip to NZ. I'm keeping my eyes open for good deals :)