Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Where Is My Toddler ?

I must be a very bad time manager, my days and weeks just keep flying bye. Seriously the weekends just come and go...pppfff another one gone. We have been very busy, lots of parties socialising outings etc. I suppose that would do it. I love that we are so busy, I just wish that the time would pass slowly. My little guy is growing up so quickly.
He made his own sandwich for daycare this morning and he isn't even 3 yet, before I know it he will be cooking me gourmet dinners (I hope). It is scary, really scary. I know everyone tells me this is the way it is but I am starting to believe it now. I am making sure to spend as much time as possible with him, doing all the fun and sometimes silly things toddlers love to do. I don't want to be robbed of this precious time.

Max's two year anniversary came and went. It wasn't exactly the way I had planned it but it was ok, I mean I got through it. It was one of those very low to very high days. Boo didn't cooperate at the cemetery chucking a big tantrum and running all over the place, not what I had in mind but it serves me right for taking him after his swimming lesson instead of before. One of the highs was the awesome night I had at the Prince concert with my nephew who was only in town for a couple of weeks before he flew back to New York where he is living at the moment.

He sat for about a minute! Boo made his Daddy the lovely card at daycare.

Princes' 360 Degree stage.
We have another very busy weekend coming up, with more parties. My son has a better social life than me. No really he does.

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Bec said...

2 years, so long, yet so close. Thinking of you guys x