Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What? Really ?

Has it been 2 weeks since I updated? Well those weeks have flown and I have been really busy.
It has been that long since I launched my business and I am happy to say it has started to take off with my Christmas special. It's pretty cheap and I am not making much money out if it just yet, but I want to get my work out there and get work by word of mouth and it seems to be working. I just hope it continues to once I charge my fixed prices. I don't want to be known as the cheap photographer either. It's a risk I have to take

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my work, it's always nice to hear. I have updated my galleries with my recent work if you would like to have a look.

I have learnt a lot in the last couple of weeks, that is for sure. I did two product shoots one for baby onsies and another for cloth nappies. There were 7 babies under the age of one. I was quite nervous at the thought of it but once I got going I was ok and the little ones were all great too. It was a new experience for me and glad I had the opportunity to do it.

A lot of people are starting to want family portraits done which is great, but since one of the partners or both are usually working the shoots have to be done on the weekend which means I have to find someone to look after Boo. If they are baby shoots I have been able to to do them on Boos daycare days and that has worked perfectly. It has been challenging to get someone to look after him on the weekends though, they are either working or studying or have their own kids to look after. I am hoping that once I go onto my fixed prices and I can book in a few sessions on the one day then I can pay a sitter but for now it's just not feasible.

I think I got the raw end of the deal. My Mum used to look after my nieces and nephews when they were little. Like ALL the time. I was still living at home back then and I would wake up on a Sunday morning to some little body jumping into my bed, I would usually be nursing a hangover after having a big night out, as teenagers do. Or hearing them asking my Mum why was I still sleeping it was almost lunch time? So last Saturday morning, I thought I would payback my niece and threw Boo into her bed to wake her up so she could look after him for a few hours....insert wicked laugh here....
I have booked Boo in for 3 consecutive days at family daycare next year, that will help.

So that is where I am at, I am loving every minute of my new job. I often think of Max and my Mum and wonder what they would think. I know they would be so supportive, I miss them both for that. A lot.


stinkb0mb said...

great to hear that your business has taken off as well as it has Vee!!

i know you must miss both your mum and Max not just on a personal level but also for their support. i think sometimes we take that invisible support for granted because it's just always there and when it's not we miss it - a lot.


Bea said...

Good to hear! Don't forget to charge a fortune for prints (it seems that's where the money is made... it's certainly where we seem to spend it when we get photos done...)

The childcare aspect must be tricky to navigate, especially with Boo at his young age and not able to look after or entertain himself much yet. Yes, it definitely must be one of those moments you miss Max and your Mum, as stinkbomb said.

I think it's definitely payback time for your niece. Heh heh.