Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Stupid Mole (With Update)

On Friday evening I had a really itchy back. I tried to get Boo to scratch for me but all he does is tickle and we both end up on the floor laughing. So the next best thing was a door frame. It was relieved but it continued to itch and I continued to scratch. I thought I must have a rash, why is my back so itchy.

I twisted my body in front of the mirror in attempt to see if there was anything there. There was, only it wasn't a rash it was a big mole right in the centre of my back, exactly where it was itchy. Fuck! was my first thought. I tried my best to have a good look but I am not the most flexible of people, I did notice it was raised a bit. I got my sister to have a look at it that evening. She didn't like the look of it, having had my nieces suspicious mole looked at just recently she knew what to look for. My niece is ok. So what do I do next, yep straight to Dr Google. No good, no good. I didn't like the images I saw. It has been doing my head in. All the horrible thoughts going through my head. I have an appointment at a skin cancer clinic tomorrow afternoon. I am feeling very, very anxious.

Please please....let this be nothing.

I am getting it cut out tomorrow then I need to wait a week for results.
All other moles on my body appear normal.
Fingers crossed.


Delenn said...

Thinking and hoping for you hon.

Aerotropolitan Comitissa said...

I am hoping it's nothing, but I am so glad you ended that post by saying you've got an appointment. Otherwise I would have had to use capslock to shout it at you. But I know you're usually more sensible than that so I didn't think it was very likely I'd have to.

Anyway. Good luck tomorrow.

Serenity said...

I am also hoping it's nothing, but very, very relieved that you have an appointment too.

Lots of love, sweetie.


tireegal68 said...

Everything crossed for your appointment - glad you are taking action and I hope you get good news really soon! Big big hugs, my friend!

tireegal68 said...

Any news? Thinking of you:) hugs!

Vee said...

I am getting it cut out tomorrow then I need to wait a week for results.
All other moles on my body appear normal.
Fingers crossed.

tireegal68 said...

Hoping it's benign and you can relax. Glad it's coming out! Xo

foxy said...

Your post reminded me that its time to make my annual skin check appt. The doc finds something every year that doesn't look quite right to cut off. I'm sure that this year will be no different. One year he cut off what I swore was a mosquito bite. The worst was last year when he cut a funny patch of skin off my nose, two days before my maternity photos were taken. Thank goodness for photoshop :)

Sending some healthy thoughts to you and your mole.

lparsons15 said...

Oh no, Hoping its noting serious!

Anonymous said...

Any news, honey?