Thursday, July 26, 2012

Where have we been?

We have been on lots of little adventures, some little escapes and some day trips. I love taking Boo on adventures and he loves going on them. He just takes it all in and then talks about it for days after always asking to return to see more. I love seeing his face light up with all the new experiences, even if it is just splashing in a puddle.

I have been struggling with his behavior you could say he has been going through the terrible twos at almost 3. I have been working on it or should I say we have been working on it I think we are starting to turn a corner. Thank goodness. He has also started speech therapy which I think may be helping his behavior also.

Here are some photos from our adventures.


tireegal68 said...

What gorgeous photos of your Boo!!! Glad to hear about all your fun!! Hope the speech therapy helps and that the tantrums get better:)

loribeth said...

Such a cutie. : )

Linda said...

I just found a blog about a woman in Australia who husband died in June. She has a 17 month old son. Thought maybe you could hook up with her? Here's the link:

Bea said...

Good luck with the speech therapy!

And the terrible threes... uuurgh... but they pass. They are learning so many key things at this stage and it is quite unsettling for them. If it helps, a developmental paediatrician I once heard a lecture from said he has more 3yo patients for basic behavioural issues (non-medical) than any other agegroup, so it's not just you.

Michele said...

Just wanted to chime in here, and say that that picture of the cat on the post, and your little boy? Amazing! Like, you could submit it to a photography contest or something. I love it!