Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Extra Day

We get an extra day so I blog. We are ok. Thanks for those who were concerned.

I just haven't had the head to blog. I don't know which direction my blog is going any more.
I just blog about life in general these days. Which I think I am ok with. When ever I need to get things out I will. I really enjoy writing when I do, it's just the thought of writing and finding the motivation I am struggling with at the moment. Apologies for going quiet, bad me.


Boo had a rough time after his surgery. Getting fluids into him was really challenging, I did take him back the hospital I was concerned he was becoming dehydrated but he was borderline and they sent him back home. I kept syringing hydro-lite into his mouth every 10 mins, not without a war but it worked. He would wake every hour screaming in pain and there was nothing I could do for him. But he came through and is back to his normal self. His speech has improved 200% since, I noticed the improvement pretty much straight away. We now have little conversations. It really is amazing the difference it has made. His balance is great too he is now climbing everything without fear.

Last week went for a mini break to the Coast with some friends. It was nice to get a few consecutive days at the beach and Boo had a ball. This Summer has not been a Summer, it has been very wet. It is raining again as I type, surprise, surprise. Today being the last day of Summer, hopefully Autumn will be better for outdoor activities.

Boo went back to Daycare this week, his Carer went to overseas for 7 weeks. I am finally getting some time back for me and focus on my photography business again. It has been hard work having him 24/7 with no breaks. I might even get more time to blog now.

My Dad is currently in hospital with pneumonia. He has been in since Friday, he is doing ok. I have a whole blog post to write about him but that will be for another day.

That is the update.
I will share some photos and hope to be back here a lot sooner next time.

Boo loves cooking.


kim2649 said...

Wow, Boo has grown! So great to hear from you.

maytey said...

So glad that things have improved so much for Boo since his op, but sorry you both had it so tough afterwards. And you deserve a big clap for getting through the very long holidays without any letup!

Lots of love to you & Boo & your Dad, hope he isn't too upset/uncomfortable.

stinkb0mb said...

good to read an update from you! wow hasn't boo grown! hoping your dad has a speedy recovery.

don't be a stranger :-)


Delenn said...

Happy to ser an update, and glad Boo is doing so much better. My daughter loves cooking to. Sometimes the mess is annoying, but most times fun!

Bea said...

Good to hear from you. Hope you are feeling more rested now that Boo's carer is helping to share the load again.

Wishing your Dad well and a good recovery from his pneumonia.

Looking forward to seeing Boo on Junior Masterchef ;)

Don't be a stranger.


lparsons15 said...

Nice to hear from you! Glad Boo is doing better after his rough go. I still think of you often! Hope your dad gets better very quickly.
Take Care!